Tuesday 09 June 2020

Town Board Meeting

Town of Perry
Town Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Perry Town Hall, 10084 CTH A
Teleconference 425-585-6272       394-722-206
 7:30 PM


  1. Call to order.  Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Announcements
  3. Comments by Town residents – non-agenda items.
  4. Class A liquor license:  Laura Tisch, 175 Drammen Valley Rd.
  5. Mt. Horeb Area Joint Fire Department Board – recruit/appoint Town representative.
  6. New Glarus Fire District – bylaws amendments.
  7. Land Use: Ryan Oehlhof, 365 Tyvand Rd. – inground swimming pool permit.  
  8. Roads, Equipment, Facilities:

a.                                  2020 Town Road repairs –open bids, award bid or set award meeting date.

b.                                  Perry Center Rd. bridge replacement-                     easements review, project update.

c.                                  Drammen Valley Road bridge replacement – preliminary design review,

Dane Co.  Bridge Aid application.

d.                                  Docken Road repairs – update.

e.                                  Any other updates – roads, equipment, facilities.

  1. Recycling Center – facilities.
  2. Land Use: a. Greg Oimoen, 11082 Clay Hill Rd., driveway constr. permit for cell tower.
  3. Develop joint agreement proposal for cell tower siting notification in adjoining municipalities - update.
  4. Treasurer’s Report; possible Resolution to waive interest on property tax installments.
  5. WI Commission on Rural Prosperity – appoint Town committee to develop Town’s report to Commission.
  6. Friends of the Parks of Perry – updates, paver fundraising project, Town’s nominees.
  7. Parks and Open Space Committee – committee appointments, report, recommendations – Draft proposed easement agreement; Dane Co. Parks Commission request for advice letter; Register of Deeds doc.; Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant application.
  8. Certificate of Appropriateness analysis and recommendations.
  9. Dane Co. Towns Association –discussions.
  10. Minutes of Previous Meetings – May 5, May 6, May 12, and May 16, 2020 meetings.
  11. Elections - equipment storage, supplies, other reports.
  12. Pay Bills due.
  13. Closed and Open Session. Dane Co. Circuit Court case 15CV0065 DSG; Appeal No. 2017AP2352; convene to closed session under WI § 19.85(1)(g) to confer with legal counsel concerning strategy, and WI §19.85(1)(b) and (c)- personnel, and then reconvene to open session.
  14. Adjournment.

Action might be taken on any agenda item shown above.  Public comment might be invited on any agenda item presented. 

Mary L. Price, Town Clerk
Agenda 6/9/20


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