Dark Sky Lighting Information

The International Dark-Sky Association presented a certificate to the Town of Perry for our environmentally friendly outdoor lighting ordinance to keep the night sky natural.  The details of this Recognition of Merit can be read in their cover letter.

International Dark-Sky Certificate of Merit

  • For information on Dark Sky lighting, please visit the Perry Dark Sky Lighting Guide
  • For Dark Sky rated lights that are compliant with the Town of Perry’s Dark Sky Ordinance, a local supplier is E-conolight.  https://www.e-conolight.com/
  • E-conolight is a Wisconsin-based company that sells high-quality value-priced indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories that cover a wide range of residential, commercial, professional and industrial applications. E-conolight products can be purchased from their website or by calling toll-free (888) 243-9445.  The Customer Service Department is available Monday through Friday 6 a.m to 7 p.m. CT.
  • Dusk To Dawn lights are now available now using the new LED technology.  They are twice as bright on the ground but reduce light scatter into the sky and onto neighbors by 90% compared to the old ones.  They cost half as much to operate and last 10 times as long.  For additional information on these lights, visit:  https://www.e-conolight.com/outdoor-lighting/dusk-to-dawn.html

 Milky Way over Perry