Town Roads

RoadMapBaseRev1_1024x1100The Town of Perry maintains 39.81 miles of roads.

TOWN ROADS are designated with names and are maintained by the Town of Perry.  To report a road issue with one of these roads, please contact Ken Hefty at 608-444-6953.

COUNTY ROADS and STATE ROADS are maintained by the Dane County Highway Department.   To report a road issue with one of these roads, please contact 608-266-4011.  If after hours, contact the non-emergency number 608-255-2345.


The town road crews will not plow on private property without authorization from the Town Board.  The Town of Perry will not take any responsibility for removal of snow that is plowed into private driveways from road clearing operation.  Driveway maintenance is to be maintained by the property owner.

Turn-arounds must be of adequate use for town plow equipment.


Mowing is generally 20 feet back from the edge of the town road.


Tree Trimming

For information on the town’s guidelines in trimming trees and branches from the town road right of way, please refer to:  Town Road Right of Way Clearing and Tree Policy



The Town of Perry Patrolman is Mark Eastman.  To contact him, he can be reached by cell at 608-444-6242 or at the Town Garage at 608-437-8714.


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