Mobile Home Permits

No mobile home shall be parked or stationed in the Town of Perry except in a licensed mobile home park, unless a mobile home permit has been issued by the Town Board.  The Town’s policy on mobile homes, the definitions of what a mobile home is and exemptions can be found in the Town’s Mobile Home Ordinance.  The County’s policies can be found in the Dane County’s Zoning Ordinances – available from Dane County Planning and Development.

*Mobile Home Permits will not be issued until a site plan has been approved by the Town.  If a site plan was submitted with a zoning change request, the site plan approval will be considered with that application.  If there is no rezoning, a site plan application will need to be submitted and approved before a Mobile Home Permit will be issued.

*No Mobile Home Permit will be issued until the driveway (if needed) is constructed according to the specifications in the Driveway Ordinance and until a completed inspection report is received.  Before coming to the Town you should confirm with Dane County Planning and Development that the mobile home and the proposed location conform with County zoning requirements.

Step 1:  To Apply

* Applicants should begin the process with Dane County Zoning at the same time as with the Town.

  1. Complete a Permit Application, selecting “Mobile Home.”
  2. With the application, you should include the following exhibits, if applicable:
    • Site Plan
    • County Erosion Control Plan (if needed)
    • Completed Driveway Construction report (if a driveway is needed)
    • County Zoning Permit (if required)
    • County Sanitary Permit
    • Land Division Approval (if this property was divided from a larger one)
  1.  Submit the completed Permit Application (include original + 8 copies of the application and each exhibit) and the mobile home fee of $25 to the Town Deputy Clerk, Stephanie Zwettler at 9730 County Rd A, Mount Horeb, WI  53572.  Email questions to:
  2. After receipt of all of the above, the Clerk will issue a Mobile Home Permit.  This permit is effective according to the type of installation outlined below:
    a.)    For permanent installations, the Mobile Home Permit shall be effective as long as the mobile home remains at its original site.  If   the original mobile home is removed for any reason, the permit shall expire and a new Mobile Home Permit is required.
    b.)    For replacement installation, which replaces the original mobile home, the original permit shall expire and a new Mobile Home Permit is required.
    c.)    For temporary installation, the Mobile Home Permit shall be effective for a period to be determined by the Town Board. After this period the permit shall expire unless renewed.

*Note:  These building permit applications will be placed on the next Town Board agenda for consideration and approval.


County Requirements:  You will also need to submit a building/zoning application to the County.  To initiate this process, you will need to contact the Dane County Planning and Development Office, Room 116, City-County Building, Madison.  They will inform you of their procedures and supply you with the proper forms.  It would be wise to check with both the County and the Town before starting so you will know what requirements you will need to follow as well as what information you will need to gather so that you can satisfy both entities as you proceed.