10084 County Highway A
Mount Horeb, WI  53572

Located in the southwest corner of Dane County, the Town of Perry is thirty-six square
miles of gently rolling hills with abundant wildlife and rural beauty.  (map)

Named in honor of Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry,
Naval Commander in the War of 1812

Population 737 (2018)

Town Of Perry Updates:



Disasters happen, which is why it’s important for everyone in Wisconsin to learn how they can protect themselves, their family, and their community. To help encourage everyone to be ready, Gov. Tony Evers has declared September Preparedness Month in Wisconsin. The declaration coincides with the observance of National Preparedness Month.

During the month of September, ReadyWisconsin asks everyone to review 4 key areas:

Prepare financially for a disaster

  • Review your insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for your home and other property. Remember that most policies do not cover flood damage, which will typically require its own policy.
  • Have copies of important financial and personal documents in a safe location.  Create digital backups that can be stored online in a secure account.

Create or update your disaster plans

  • Write a family emergency plan in the event a disaster or emergency forces you to remain at home for several days, or if you were forced to leave the area quickly.  Practice the plan.
  • Create a family communications plan, which includes important contacts to notify in an emergency.
  • Make a disaster kit that includes key supplies, such as water, non-perishable foods, a first aid kit, and any medications you are taking. Don’t forget to include supplies for your pets!

Teach children about preparedness

  • Talk to your children about what to do during an emergency at home, school, or when they are away.  Make sure they know who to contact and identify a safe meeting place.

Prepare your community for a disaster

  • Identify the types of disasters that are most likely to affect your community and the resources that would be available to respond to them.
  • Get involved with local volunteer organizations that may be able to aid your community during a disaster.
  • If you are disabled or have other special needs, identify and contact community resources that are available in your area.  Many organizations maintain lists of people who may need help during a disaster.

Dane County Zoning Ordinance

The Town of Perry Board signed the Resolution to Adopt the Comprehensively Revised Dane County Zoning Ordinance on May 14, 2019.
A certified copy of Resolution 2019-01 was filed with the Dane County Clerk on May 15, 2019.


Information on the new zoning ordinance

CURRENT zoning district fact sheets

NEW zoning district fact sheets

Dane County also has an interactive mapping tool that shows both the current and proposed zoning for any parcel in Dane County:  enter your property address in the upper right magnifying glass, or zoom to the desired location.  Clicking on any parcel allows you to see detailed parcel information, as well as the proposed zoning district fact sheets.  You can also switch to the aerial mode by clicking on the base map icon in the lower right corner.

If you have any questions, please contact Dane County Planning and Development at (608) 267-4115.

April 2019

The Friends of the Parks of Perry are looking for volunteers to help with projects in the Town of Perry’s parks.

A number of projects have been initiated by the Friends Group and the Perry Parks and Open Space Committee with the approval of the Town Board.  For a complete list, see Volunteer Opportunities 2019.

Please contact Town of Perry Board member Mick Klein Kennedy, Park Supervisor and President of the Friends of the Parks of Perry, for further information on how and when you can help:
Email: mick@wisconsinlandscapes.com Phone: 437-3662


Firewood available from the trees that were cut
down at the Hauge Historic District Park.

Please contact Royce Nelson or Mick Klein Kennedy
for the availability and location of the wood.

Royce Nelson               cell: 608-444-6242

Mick Klein Kennedy    cell: 608-843-3297