Driveway Construction Permits

Driveway Construction Permits are included with site plans for a residence and/or zoning changes.  All construction or modification of private driveways or field roads* in the Town of Perry requires approval by the Town Board if that construction or modification changes the existing topography of the land.  The Town’s policies on the construction or modification of private driveways or field roads can be found in the Town’s Land Use Plan and Driveway Ordinance. Access onto County roads requires approval by the County.  *Driveway Construction Permit Applications are not required for ag field roads.

Step 1:  To Apply 

  1. Complete a Permit Application, selecting “Driveway Construction.”
  2. With the application, you should include the following exhibits:
    • Aerial photo/site analysis
    • Soil/Slope analysis
    • County Erosion Control Plan
    • Driveway Construction Plan OR
    • Engineer’s plan (if required)
  3.  Submit the completed Permit Application (include original + 8 copies of the application and each exhibit) and a fee of $550 to the Town Deputy Clerk, Stephanie Zwettler at 9730 County Rd A, Mount Horeb, WI  53572.  Email questions to:

Note:  Applications that require more than one site view will require an additional $125.00 fee per site visit.  However, applications requiring only one site view for approval may be eligible for up to 50% refund.

* County Requirements:  Some driveway construction projects will require a County Erosion Control plan.  Check with Dane County Planning and Development to see if one is required for your project.  If the proposed driveway enters onto a county highway, a county permit is required; check with the Dane County Highway Department.

* Other Requirements:  A driveway inspection by the Town Road Patrolman is required after the construction is completed to assure that this construction meets the Town driveway specifications.  When the construction is completed, notify the Town Clerk who will make arrangements for this inspection.  There is no additional cost for this inspection.  If the proposed driveway enters onto a state highway, a state permit may be required.  Check with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

* Information on Culverts:  Culvert Policy

Step 2:  After Applying for a Driveway Construction Permit

Upon receipt of the complete application with exhibits and the appropriate fee, the Deputy Clerk will issue the neighbor notification letter.  This letter will be sent by certified mail to all adjoining landowners at least 10 days prior to the Land Use Committee’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  The notification letter states the intended land use change, the date of the scheduled site viewing by the Land Use Committee and of the impending public hearing at the next regularly scheduled meeting of that committee.

Step 3:  At the Site View

It is necessary that you or your agent attend both the site viewing and the public hearing.  Failure to do so could result in a recommendation for denial or postponement of your application if there are questions that cannot be answered.

Sites must be field-staked for the site view.  Site views are held the Saturday prior to the Land Use Committee meeting.

It is possible that it might take more than one site viewing and/or public hearing to resolve any concerns that might arise.

Step 4:  At the Land Use Committee Meeting

The Land Use Committee holds a meeting, usually the first Wednesday evening of the month, after the site view.  It is a public hearing to allow the applicant to present his/her intentions for the land division or zoning change.  It is also the opportunity for neighbors and other residents of the community to express their concerns or questions and to present other pertinent information to the Committee.  

After careful consideration of the request, its conformity with the Land Use Plan and the Land Division Ordinance or Zoning Change Ordinance, and other information presented, the Land Use Committee will recommend approval, conditional approval, denial, or tabling to allow time to gather additional information.  This decision will be forwarded to the Town Board.

Step 5:  At the Town Board Meeting

The Town Board will then consider the application at its next scheduled meeting only if a recommendation has been made by the Land Use Committee.  The Town Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of the month.  Unless your appearance is requested to answer questions, you do not need to attend this meeting.  However, if you choose to attend, be advised that this meeting is not a second public hearing, and your input should be limited to new information only.

After consideration, the Board will approve, conditionally approve, or deny your request.  If approved, the Clerk will issue you an appropriate approval and report the Town’s actions to the Dane County Planning & Development.